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Sport and events are two industries with a strong environmental impact, particularly because of the amount of people they attract. In 2024, the Biarritz ENGIE OPEN is reinventing itself as an eco-responsible event, and offers an eco-responsibility charter which encourages all stakeholders to adopt a more sustainable attitude. From food to waste management, transport of athletes and audiences to consideration of the use of more sustainable communication media, our teams do everything they can to offer a respectful edition that promotes good living - together.


The pillars on which we act:

  • food

  • transportation

  • waste reduction

  • awareness

  • communication

  • accommodation


The ENGIE OPEN eco-responsible charter offers 15 environmentally friendly commitments.

Committed FFT club

Premises infrastructure

The BO Tennis & Padel has obtained the “Club FFT engaged” label created and delivered by the French Tennis Federation. Created in 2023, it responds to the FFT's desire to act in a social and environmental approach.


The label rewards BO tennis' desire to act in favor of the practice for all, the preservation of the environment and biodiversity, and awareness of sustainable development throughout the year and at its events.


Bil Ta Garbi

The Biarritz ENGIE OPEN calls on Bil Ta Garbi to support it in better waste management.


Committed for nearly 20 years to the preservation of the environment, the Bil Ta Garbi Union, labeled “Circular Economy” by ADEME, is implementing various actions to limit the waste of resources. Their role is to support all local stakeholders involved in reducing their impact.


In concrete terms, how do they support us?

During the week of the tournament, Bil Ta Garbi provides 6 bins for household waste, recycling sorting, and 3 glass columns for the partner village in order to encourage and promote waste sorting.


On Wednesday June 12th, the city will host an awareness workshop on waste sorting for children.

Bil Ta Garbi
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