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En avant les filles !

The “En avant les filles !” operation was born 10 years ago from the initiative of Henry Gogy, CST at the Nouvelle-Aquitaine league, who wished to (re)give a taste for competition to young girls who are discovering tennis . The objective of this program is for girls to have fun during adapted competitions.


Let's go girls, there are two gatherings per year during which girls under 12 years old who play in red and orange balls meet for a dedicated and friendly afternoon supervised by a technical team.


This project is sponsored by our historic partner ENGIE, which supports the development of women's tennis by offering equipment to young participants.


Each year, the Biarritz ENGIE OPEN invites around sixty girls from surrounding clubs to share a sporting and friendly moment before the final of the tournament with the aim of highlighting this regional operation committed to the public and our partners.


Teachers and volunteers are called upon during this event to offer fun ball game workshops by level so that these young girls can create connections and have fun.


The girls will be in the spotlight on the Biarritz clay court before giving way to our champions!

En-avant les filles
En-avant les filles
En-avant les filles !

Sports and educational course

The Biarritz ENGIE OPEN invites local schools to introduce ball sports to primary, middle and high school students, through two dedicated educational courses, while introducing them to the world of professional tennis.


The BO Tennis premises will accommodate 200 students per day from Monday to Friday from 2pm to 5pm.


Sports activities planned:

  • Discovery of mini tennis and urban tennis

  • Discovery of para tennis: chairs will be made available all week to raise awareness among young people about playing tennis with disabilities

  • A culture quiz

  • An organized signing session

  • Inflatable arch, human football, and free games will also be made available to children and supervised by teachers and omnisport facilitators.


The educational course also includes awareness workshops:


  • First aid workshop in partnership with la Croix Rouge Française

  • Awareness workshop on ocean preservation with the Surfrider association

  • Workshop to get the little ones moving with an innovative mobile device for ball games, aimed at all elementary schools; a simple ball, an inflatable wall, and a removable hole, with Premières Balles.


An educational booklet will also be distributed to children to accompany them during the various workshops.

Sports and educational course
Croix rouge française
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