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ANNE ETCHEGOYEN, a tournament committed to women

This year, the tournament is becoming an event committed locally and to women! This is why we are proud to welcome Anne Etchegoyen at the ENGIE OPEN gala in Biarritz who will lend her voice to this solidarity evening. Indeed, we will raise funds for the victimology unit of the Basque Coast Hospital Center (Uvie).

Today godmother of the Navarre Côte Basque Health endowment fund, Anne Etchegoyen is also considered a reference in Basque singing with her voice that is both soft, “airy” and powerful.

In a rather masculine Basque singing environment, in thirteen years of career, Anne Etchegoyen has been able to impose her musical universe and has contributed to making Basque music more accessible, by developing a wider audience every day, through her records and concerts, in churches and performance halls. She has become a key artist in her region, and the only Basque artist to convey her culture beyond its borders.
Today she has numerous stages to her credit, in France and abroad: the Olympia, the Casino de Paris, the Alhambra, concerts in Corsica, Brittany, Vendée, churches and chapels, Biarritz, Anglet, Cap Ferret, Montpellier, tours in Argentina and the United States, meeting the Basque community in particular.

You can also find Anne at a “Women, Careers and Territories” conference.

ANNE ETCHEGOYEN, a tournament locally committed to women
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